Based off of the controversial 2013 documentary, Blackfish The Musical shows audiences the operations of "the greatest place on Earth," the marine animal amusement park known as SeaUniverse. When star Orca CumCum's stressful performance regimen and inhumane living conditions become too much for him to bear, the killer whale has no choice but to fight back, leading to a catastrophic incident that will change the lives of the entire SeaUniverse staff forever.

"Blackfish The Musical" features Lisa Akroush, Stephanie Branco, Kristen Britt, Natalie Carneal, Alex DiVirgilio, Dylan Guzman, Kathryn Hammen, Cole Headrick, Maura Hogan, Kristin Phillips, Morgan Phillips-Spotts, Terrance Rogers, Dustin Sharpe, and Elliot Simmons.  

Music performed by the Cumcum Cabana Band featuring Randy Bryant (bass), Katie Foster (piano), and Michael Vuckovich (drums).  

Written by Cole Hintz, Meredith Messerle, Thomas Simmons, and Matt Tarpey.  Dance Choreography by Teresa Leahey.  Musical Direction & Composition by Katie Foster.  Technical Lighting and Design by Caitlin Boylan.  Stage Management by Brie Weatherington and Matt Tarpey.  

Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.