Where to begin?

Helicopters have been looming over the city of Chicago and each new day that's recently passed, I've been restless in paranoia and lost control.....

I've wanted to start up a blog about my thoughts in arts, theater, and world overview for some time now but what's always held me back from starting is the thought of 'where to begin.'  This most likely stems from preventive measures because it's like - who am I to say what's right or wrong in what we do?  Who am I to tell you how art is suppose to be because it's an indefinite measure of interpretation?  And who am I to tell you how to think about the world?

But that last question is exactly where I'd like to begin.  Exactly who am I in this world?  I'm a single male, Asian-American, in my late 30's who earns wage to the middle economic class, with a college degree, who performs / directs theater, while holding a day job in corporate America in Chicago, IL.  Why did need to know this?  Because from reading this, from looking at me, you have automatically created status & preconceived thoughts.  You've already added more things to my story.  Assumptions.  Judgments.  Maybe stereotypes, maybe compliments, or maybe nothing.  But these specific things I noted are my rich characteristics that make me who I am.  This is my fingerprint.  Now take away my fingerprint and I become nothing.  The same.  A mindless drone.  

It has been 3 days since the results of the 2016 Presidential election in the "United States of America."  (sarcastic emphasis on 'United') It has also been 3 days of a country in mixed disarray where voices were not heard.  And then when yelling came to push the unheard, the loudness turned into cynical ignorance and ugly hatred.  We're about to embark in unpredictable waters and instead of accepting and fighting while in it - we're punching before we enter.  And it's because we don't want to be mindless drones.  We don't want to have rights taken away from us.  We don't want hate to rise.

In some beautiful la-la land where liberals have thoughts of "deal with it and move on" or "give it a chance, cause ya never know" is a giant bubble that needs to bursts by the woke megaphone to say that "WE JUST ELECTED A GUY WHO THE KKK IS CELEBRATING AND HAS OPENLY MADE A FOOL OF US TO OUR FACE BY BEING A MISOGYNIST RACIST."  Our country canNOT be "just fine" with this.  And do NOT say "well, what can I do?" because there's SO MUCH that you can do.  If you don't care - you're selfish or afraid.

Do not be fooled by the assumption of election tactics - Donald Trump has strengthen the voice of a powerful hate that was brewing.  Even if he was putting up a front for this reality TV show of his campaign, his actions activated these assumptions/stereotypes/negative inequalities to be acceptable.  In only 3 days, his actions made it okay for young kids to put blackface on and hang confederate flags.  The US was disrespectfully built on Native land where white people brought over slaves to (yet again) be mindless drones.  This is not an anti-white post but more of a respectful protest that to be unified, the other voices need to be heard.  As a minority, people fought for my rights before me and now it's our turn to fight for my rights after me.  (...if you have them, think of your kids)

I understand the concept of acceptance.  I'm not a soar loser.  And I know how to listen.  BUT THIS is UNACCEPTABLE.  We are smarter people than what this guy is saying as right or wrong with the world today.  

I'm writing because it is part of my art.  Written words are historical records of moments.  "They" will not take my words away from me, but I also won't stand idle as people deface it.