Past Experience to Innovation

I was filing old thoughts away and came across an answer I gave to a questionnaire.  Knowing the question isn't as necessary, so here's my answer:

"In 2005, The Hypocrites mounted Sarah Kane's "4.48 Psychosis" at the Steppenwolf Theatre's Garage (Chicago, IL).  I had learned about this play in college beforehand and this staging of it has influenced me to this day.  Built within a very large landscape, small stages or scene stations, were strategically placed to tell this morbid story of clinical depression.  If you're not familiar with Kane's personal story, she committed suicide a year before the first production of this play, and she had written it with no stage directions, which leaves it open for interpretation.  With such the dark content, the Hypocrites incorporated lots of vivid imagery & stage pictures.  By setting up each small stage with strong visuals and colors (blood red & black), the audience was led from one station to the next in following one character.  I had never experienced theater to this degree beforehand and was completely influenced to understand that scripts can be staged in such an innovative fashion.  This performance showed me how something that seemed like written poetry can be drawn up in imagination".

I still think about this production to this day.  Maybe it was the vivid images or my first time experiencing a more alternative method to theater viewing, but I always have it in my back pocket as my own reminder to break molds.  

Keeping standards and classics are great to learn your art.  It's important!  Know how to succeed by the history done by previous masters.  Then when you put those 1,000 hours in - play with your imagination and change the world.