Fighting the fight

REALTALK.  Am I not holding up my end to help make diversity happen in this comedy community?  I'm a Producer & Director and one of my main goals for those roles are not only to make artists stronger, but to get them woke if they ain't woke.  BUT here's my beef.  POC - y'all can be just as complacent as whypipo and if you're complacent, that hurts more.  I go into these higher-up meetings cause I've busted my ass and hit that grind hella'hard to earn my spot in that room full of other Artistic Directors, League of Chicago Theater ppl, Producers, etc etc. and if I see that I'm the only brown person in there, I CALL IT!  I say we need more diversity!  I'm IN THERE trying to change the game and I'm trying to integrate.  I'm not making some commercial platform where it shows that we're doing our job by hitting our POC quota.  F*ck that noise!  I'm pushing to get us directly into the mix cause we're just as talented if not better!