Freaky Nasty Trash


Sketch writing duo Jim & Melissa present their fourth hour-long sketch revue of original comedic material, FREAKY NASTY TRASH, directed by Jonald Reyes, playing Thursdays May 4 - June 8, 2017 at Stage 773 1225 W Belmont Avenue in Chicago. 


FREAKY NASTY TRASH is written and performed by Reilly Willson and Shelby Quinn .

Loosely inspired by the work of cult filmmaker and self-proclaimed "King of Filth" John Waters, FREAKY NASTY TRASH uses sketch comedy to explore the thread that unites all of humanity - our depravity. With sketches that touch on everything from the soul-cleansing power of pegging to a pair of cute little kids who just want to eat bodyhair at the carnival, this show shines a light on all those weird, nasty thoughts you have in the dark in an attempt to say, "It's OK, we're all a little freaky, a little nasty, and especially a little trashy."

This show is not recommended for children.