The Mental Notion Society (MNS) is a production company specializing in art, entertainment, and media.  All MNS projects follow the mission statement of creating art that instills dialogue amongst experiencing audiences.  The Society is made up of various talents that are armed with alternative imaginations and vibes of cold tenderness.  Founded in 2010, in Chicago, IL.  Previous productions include:  The Russian Play: An Improvised Black Comedy (2013) ; Tetrazzini’s Last Hurrah (2013) ; MONO(logue): Help Me Find My Voice (2013) ; Fight Club: A Project Mayhem Burlesque (2013) ; & Yellowstone: A Twilight Zone Musical (2012).   

Jonald Reyes is Artistic Director of The Mental Notion Society.  

More information and detail of productions may be found on the official website =

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