“PORQUE NO COMES” starring Lupe Sanchez, is an autobiographical one-person play.  Lupe takes audiences on a personal journey from his days as a stuttering, want-to-be Kung fu superhero, as a child to a spiritually mature young adult. His story is told by a mix of comedic reenactments, character interactions, music, and mild prop usage. Lupe shares such trials and tribulation as getting beat up by his sister, racism, and the awkward experience of being checked for hernia for the 1st time. This story introduces the audience to various people and characters throughout Lupe’s life like his old fashioned Mexican mother who believes the cause of all problems is “Porque No Comes” (because you don’t eat), or the Cholo gang member trying to recruit Lupe into a gang, and even the Asian employee who insults Lupe’s girlfriend while trying to give her a bikini wax. With the numerous range of characters, and the honesty of his comedically reenacted bits, Lupe give a lighthearted, heartfelt performance. “PORQUE NO COMES” gives insight to being a Latino male trying to find and create an identity in an environment filled with misguided information and awkward, and sometimes painful experiences. 

Written & Performed by Lupe Sanchez.
Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.