A cast continues their preparation to stage a theatrical play, while suddenly six characters interrupt to not only question the aesthetic of theatre but the paths of peoples’ lives.  As Kelly Directs her cast within an open rehearsal, intruders disrupt their process insisting to have their own play performed.  Kelly hears out a “character” that plays a Father explaining that this family he has brought holds a story which must be completed by someone.  Hesitant to his proposal, Kelly learns more about their story and the motives behind each character which peaks her challenge as a Director.  As this new process to perform a different play develops, the Father, the Director, and the Step-Daughter begin questioning their lives as “characters” and the paths for which already lie before them.  Are they truly “Characters” living out a story mapped out for them or are they in control of their own destiny?  Will the Director and her cast perform a play never to have been seen?  And are we as people living a story that someone has already written for us?  “Six Characters in Search of an Author” plants these thoughts into audiences while still performing a play.

Six Characters in Search of an Author is a classic 1921 play written by Luigi Pirandello.  

Six Characters In Search of An Author features (in alphabetical order of last name) Bryna Berezowska, Jenna Bowers, Julia Chereson, Ariana Cohen, Peter Corey, Kevin Dolan, Katie Faris, Jerome Hicks, George Infantado, and Kelly Tietjen.  Directed & Produced by Jonald Jude Reyes.