Jonald has been performing a mix bag of solo sketch, stand-up and monologues for a few years.  In 2014, he performed his first solo show at The Public House Theatre (Chicago, IL) entitled "The 7 Stages of Jonald."  


Breaking up after a long-term relationship can change a person – maybe for better or maybe for worse.  A sense of self is lost and what naturally occurs are the seven phases to recovery.  “The 7 Stages of Jonald” brought audiences through personal moments in Jonald Reyes’s life where he’s felt Shock, Denial, Anger, Worthlessness, Acceptance, Reconstruction, and Understanding / Compassion.  Basically it’s the Britney Spears story after she broke up with Justin and before she married Federline.   

Preview with Interview


Preview performed in preparation at Underground Lounge.  

Preview performed in preparation at Underground Lounge.  

In 2015, Jonald debuted his next solo show at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, entitled MALWARE: A Virus Musical.  As a one-person musical, Jonald, with support from his Music Director - Katie Manning, was able to tell the tale of Fernando.  Fernando Villa is a computer hacker who meets the end of his fraud spree and ultimately his life when love betrays him.  






Jonald continues to perform solo sketch and various forms of solo art.  He gots character for his characters and his creativity is on rotation.