"That Asian Thing" is a guerrilla style, independent documentary that probes the question: Why is there a low impact of Asian-America in mainstream American culture? The director learns about the growing Asian-American community based in Chicago, IL. His excursions start from the first impression inherited by Asians who migrated to achieve the infamous "American Dream." Through assimilation, these Asians strived to succeed in what America has labeled as prominent occupations - the doctors and the engineers. However, society has now reached the fiery and feisty second wave of this race. These Asian-Americans have found their passion in the arts and "That Asian Thing" is their exhibition. "We have our own skills. We got our own style," as told by Jonathan Shauf of the R&B, hip hop group, Inspired By U (I.B.U.). They, as well as artists like Stephen Munoz, the Pacifics, and Cynthia Lin, display mind-blowing performances on stage to prove that there should be more recognized Asian-American artists. Witness the timeline of the remarkable singing group Flipside, and see what happens to them after getting their feet in the door after being discovered by a Grammy-award winning group. From all these eye-opening musical concerts and an abundance of interviews, you'll attain the multiple arguments to why there is a low impact of Asian-Americans in mainstream America.

Written, edited and Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.

Official website = http://thatasianthing.com/
IMDB = http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1294220/