As themed in accordance to the television series, Yellowstone: A Twilight Zone, is a rock musical with dark & simply weird overtones.  A family’s only child, Paulie, is a teen of imagination, and he wishes with all his heart to become a bear.  See, in this Yellowstone, the bears, and other animals, of the National Park are talking characters that have opinions and wants just like humans.  

Paulie falls deep into the forest, leaving his parents behind, in hopes of fulfilling his need to be a wild animal.  Within the forest, Bear (the character) finds Paulie wandering and attacks!  However, Paulie, not scared at all, talks to Bear to find that the two of them have much in common.  With a friendship born, Bear brings Paulie into his world to only find conflicts from the bear race.  As an added factor to the antagonist aspect, the park Ranger and Boy Scouts are out and about with bear season in tote.  

Can Paulie convince his parents and the Boy Scouts that the bears are truly friends to all?  Will Bear’s bear friends accept Paulie as an equal peer?  And will we finally see Rod Serling break into song after giving a disturbingly creepy introduction?  

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Yellowstone:  A Twilight Zone Musical features Bryna Berezowska, Chris De Salvo, Samantha Garcia, Amber Gerencher, Cathy McNamara, Cecilee Von Rhea, Peyton Gray Robbins, and David Sweeney.  Choreographed by Nicole Dionisio.  Musical Direction by Brad Kemp.  Written / Composed by Caroline Lucius.  Directed by Jonald Jude Reyes.