The story begins with Natalie, a recent college graduate, who comes home to her small town during their annual, grandiose Fourth of July celebration.  During the first half of the film, audiences will watch Natalie catch up with old friends and family, as they also learn that a sociopath is on the loose, killing through their town.  The second half of the film shifts from a coming of age tale to a slasher flick when Natalie crosses paths with this killer.  The variant factor to this creative project, amongst other horror films, is that this story is told through a first-person point-of-view (Natalie's).

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE features Keenan Camp (Miles), Krista Dzialoszynski (Natalie), Mary Mikva (Nana), David O’Brien (Garret), Nikki Pierce (Katie), Tony Rossi (Eric), Katie Johnston-Smith (Sara), and Eric Wood (The Captain).  

'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is a project that was developed by Chris O'Brien, Jonald Reyes, Mike Maggio, and Derek Mungor.